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Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama Signs iPad


The most valuable item stored on Sylvester Cann’s iPhone isn’t a phone number a voicemail or an app, its a digital signature from President Obama.

“I have a copy on the iPhone. I have on my storage drive at home and on my Macbook and PC at home. I have it at five different places,” he said. On Thursday Cann waited nearly five hours outside the University of Washington’s Hec Ed to get it.

The Obama supporter went to a rally for Democratic Senator Patty Murray. That’s when an thought hit. “About half-way through the rally I had the idea,” he said. While many people shoved to shake the president’s hand, Cann had another plan.

“We shook hands. First I said Mr. President it’s an honor, I showed him the iPad,” he said.
With secret service agents looking on disapprovingly, a cell phone video shows the moment when Cann made his move.

“I just wrote ‘Mr. president sign my iPad,’ and just something to show him very quickly, he could look down and understand and start signing,” Cann said.

“I just ran my finger down it just to show him use your finger, just put your autograph on there, as soon as I did that he was on-board. He just took it from me and began signing his name,” said Cann.

“I will put it up on the digital picture frame so I will always see I have the president’s signature,” he said.
For safety reasons the secret service does not allow people to bring pens near the president. Presidential aides say this is the first time the president has signed an iPad.

Just look at the way the technology has paved the path. Requires no pen and paper but has made it to be a very good thing to think about. This would indeed remain in the minds of many people. Such occurrences are difficult to describe using appropriate words. Of course, comparing it to his real signature, it’s pretty dissimilar.