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Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Throws Up Devil Horns in the Womb


babysnow sonogram.jpg
Courtesy of Jeff and Susan Snow
Talk about rocking the cradle.

This actual sonogram photo comes from Jeff and Susan Snow, both members of the Lake Worth Americana act Invisible Music and subjects of Courtney Hambright's story about three simultaneously pregnant women associated with the band in this week's print edition of New Times Broward Palm Beach.

The Snows assert that there's no Photoshopping or trickery going on in the shot of their son, who is due any day now. And this is definitely more convincing than the so-called "Dancing Ultrasound Baby," "Baby's First Dance," or even "Amazing Dancing Baby in the Womb!" Take that, mommy blogs.

Although the Snows are considering the name Harrison, we'd prefer something a little less presidential and more reverential for the music of this young man's future. Aside from the obvious ones (Ronnie James, Bon, Lemmy), the horrible ones (Geddy, Dimebag, Pirate), and the boring ones (James, Dave, Tom), what's a really hardcore name for this little tyke? Update: Or maybe this baby is already a University of Texas Longhorns fan. The comments field is wide open.