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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sara Carbonero is Spains Hottest Sports Reporter


You may remember Spain's hottie sportscaster Sara Carbonero from her interview with boyfriend and World Cup star Iker Casillas. The Spanish TV host talks sports for Telecinco. In July 2009, Sara Carbonero, was voted "The Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM. Take that, Erin Andrews.

The English press made a big deal about her being the cause of the Spain loss to the Swiss. But it was much ado about nothing. Casillas couldn't have been too distracted as he led Spain to their first-ever World Cup championship. Her mushy kiss with the Spanish goalie also raised some attention around the world. Sara Carbonero seemed a bit squeamish after Casillas planted a few smooches on her at the end of the interview, but it's not like she reports on the war or the heinous atrocity known as the BP oil spill. Who cares? Everyone knew about them anyway.

We thought you might enjoy a gallery of this beauty, so here are a slew of pics to check out.