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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Do I Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time?


How Do I Win Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time?

How can I win at Rock, Paper Scissors?
Have you ever gotten tired of being crushed by Rock, cut to shreds by Scissors, or smothered by Paper? Do you ever feel like you are fighting in a game of chance which fate developed to mock you? Well, here is some great news. The graphic above has information compiled about Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) from the World RPS Society, the masters of Rock, Paper, Scissors, to help you overcome your opponents and understand the strategies needed to win Rock, Paper, Scissors every time.

What are some RPS game winning strategies?
As its name implies, Rock, Paper, Scissors, like a really limited periodic table, involves three elements. Each one of these elements has a winning, losing, and tying combination against an opponent. On paper, this sounds like there is only ever a 1/3 chance of winning with each throw. But introduce a little human psychology into your game, and you have an edge and a game plan for winning.

Where and when did RPS begin?
Forms of RPS can be found all over the world today, but the earliest known version of the game dates all the way back to the 1700s in Japan. The Japanese played a game called Jan-Ken-Pon, their version of RPS. This means the Japanese have been playing RPS longer than anyone else in the world. Maybe this is why Paper resembles a karate chop.

Today the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is an officially sanctioned sport with its own international body of competitors. The World RPS Society hosts annually the RPS World Championship. Yes, there is prize money for winning RPS. You never bought into that whole ‘bragging rights’ thing that much, right?

How do I play RPS against a dude?
Males tend to come out aggressive with Rock on their first throw. Turn the odds in your favor with Paper.

What if my opponent is a pro at RPS?
Expect experienced players to throw Paper when they play against a newcomer. Showing Scissors should put him in his place.

Is there a trick to beating a newbie at RPS?
Because of their lack of mental stamina, when inexperienced players lose they tend to copycat the last winning throw. Crush them with its opposite.

In RPS, what should I do if my opponent throws two rocks in a row?
More than likely your opponent has noticed this trend too and will change his pattern. But this only leaves him the options of Paper or Scissors. Countering with Rock should do the job.

How can I predict my opponent’s next move in RPS?
Just like in the game of Poker, people will give away their next move subconsciously. Watch your opponent’s hands before you throw. Are all his fingers tense? That means he is thinking of throwing Rock. Throw Paper to win. Is your opponent’s hand relaxed with all the fingers loose? That is an indication that he is readying Paper. Give him Scissors. If just two fingers are loose or tight, Scissors is the diagnosis and Rock is the remedy.

Are there any stats that can help me win at RPS?
For the math-stats geek, or those who like to play the odds, paper is thrown the least often at 29.6% of the time. Rock and Scissors are thrown the most often, at 35.4% and 35%, respectively. When there is need for a changeup, use Paper as an unexpected option to surprise your opponent.

What can I learn by watching my opponent play others?
If you get the opportunity, do not shy away from watching your future opponents play others. Pay attention to the details. Do they give away any throwing tendencies? Does their play style or attitude suggest a pattern to their play? Observe, analyze, and counter accordingly!

I am getting smashed in RPS; are there any tricks I can pull?
As a last resort when all else is lost, you can always attempt to pull a fast-one on your opponent. Giving him the ‘Spock gesture’ is unexpected, highly illegal, but also impossible to counter.