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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 420 Soundboard: Click On It


There’s a science behind “420.” It’s not only the police scanner code for “marijuana smoking in progress,” it’s also the angle at which you need to hold a magnifying glass toward the naked sun to light a bowl without a lighter. It’s Cheech Marin’s birthday, as well as Jerry Garcia’s, Chris Tucker’s, Aldous Huxley’s, and Helen Keller’s (holla at your first medicinal marijuana advocate!). Divide 20 by four and you get the price for a common quantity of weed ($5 you dope); divide four by 20 and you get the approximate number of brains cells lost to a typical session. Add four and 20 plus the number of plants George Washington grew, divided by the number of blunts ‘Pac smoked while making All Eyez on Me, minus the number of times Bill Clinton inhaled and you get… Nevermind. We’ve collected the stonedest quotes of all time for the fourth Complex Soundboard (slept? Try the original, the junior, and the Jersey Shore). So explain “420″ however you want (yes, most of the above is the product of some seriously blunted minds), just enjoy (and share!) our 420 Soundboard. After all it only took us 1,512,000 seconds to put it together.