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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan Reynolds Dons the Green Lantern Uniform!

Is that Hal Jordan or Slim Goodbody?

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds
Credit: Entertainment Weekly


UPDATE: Click the pic for a high-res version!

Today, the good people at EW give us the first glance Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit and I'm having a little trouble keeping the two sides of my brain from reenacting the Raan-Thanagar War.

Those who don't know anything about the Green Lantern mythos like to say that Hal Jordan (and the other members of the Corps) are lame superheroes simply because all they do is wear a ring.

We who know better say pshaw! Be it Kyle Rayner's artistic constructs, the multi-layered thinking of John Stewart, Guy Gardner's brute force, or Alan Scott's wisdom and nobility, a Lantern's might comes from within!

Still, though, the ring is important and with the ring comes the suit. The friggin' suit.

Ryan Reynolds looks sufficiently badass and quite stern as Hal Jordan. He's definitely not the Silver Age Hal Jordan "awww shucks"ing it with Carol Ferris and Pie-Face. He looks like he's ready to put a beatdown on anyone who messes with Sector 2814. And I think that is entirely cool.

The thing that everyone will first notice about the suit, though, is what looks like "musculature of light." That is definitely non-canonical - and while I did flash on Joel Schumacher's Batman nipples for a second, I'm thinking there's a lot that can be done with this.

Will we see Green Lantern power shooting through him? Will he glow when he's angry? (Taking a page out of Ion's book here a little, perhaps?)

Still, as a child of the 1980s, there was something about the suit that made it feel a little familiar.

Dear God, is Slim Goodbody a member of the GL Corps?