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Friday, June 11, 2010

Warner Bros. Announces New Mortal Kombat for 2011

New fighter being developed for PS3 and 360, will have tag-team mode and "reinvented" 2D gameplay. See the first trailer.

By Kris Pigna


That live-action Mortal Kombat trailer recently released on YouTube maybe didn't have anything to do with a new Mortal Kombat game, but it makes little difference as Warner Bros. today has coincidentally announced a new Mortal Kombat game anyway. Evidently dubbed simply "Mortal Kombat," the new game is being developed by a new team for release in 2011.

The new team, called NetherRealm Studios, is being guided by original Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon. This new Mortal Kombat promises a "reinvention of its classic 2D fighting mechanic" along with a "new graphics engine." It's a little unclear from the wording, but it sounds like it'll go the Street Fighter 4 route, with 3D visuals but strictly 2D gameplay.

This new entry will also add tag-team modes in addition to standard one-on-one bouts, including a "co-op arcade mode" that has two players teaming up to take on other teams online. Warner Bros. also promises the "deepest story mode of any fighting game" with a return of "iconic warriors" from past Mortal Kombat games, but no specific characters are mentioned. And of course, there will also be a return of Fatalities.

"This game really is a response to what players have been demanding: mature presentation, reinvented 2D fighting mechanic and the best, most gruesome fatalities ever," said Boon in a statement.

Mortal Kombat is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and other than 2011, no more-specific release date was announced. But as usual with just about every new game announcement these days, we wouldn't be surprised to find out even more about it at E3 next week.