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Thursday, May 20, 2010

James Cameron's Personal Pandora


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Hollywood director James Cameron is the most successful director of all time with Avatar grossing over $1.292 billion and Titanic pulling in $1.242 billion at the box office so it makes sense that his Malibu spread is equally epic.

PHOTOS: See James Cameron's House Here

Cameron bought the six bedroom, seven bathroom, 8,272 sq ft property back in 1989 for a modest $3.475 million.

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He currently shares the property with his fifth wife actress Suzy Amis and their three children. The home boasts a tennis court, swimming pool, gourmet kitchen, interior garden and courtyard, guest house and an indoor cinema.

In late 2003, Cameron’s Archer Trust paid an undisclosed amount to buy the late actor George C. Scott’s 6,672-square-foot house right next door that he now uses mostly as a production facility for his staff and crew.

But with his bank balance bulging following the success of Avatar, Cameron could now easily afford to buy the whole gated community where his two homes currently sit.

The environmentalist has taken elaborate precautions to protect his properties from any Malibu brush fires this summer. He built his own pump house so that he can beat back any dangerous flames! He told New Yorker Magazine: “We have a big fire problem here- we take the pool water, mix it with Class A foam, and pump it out over the whole property. Everybody else just runs for the hills.”

And after previous wildfires got close to his homes in previous years Cameron admitted that he and his staff had run some emergency drills just in case.

He revealed: “We sit and wait. Put on our yellow coats and our breathing gear and wait. And, you know what? It’s impressive.

“When these hills light up with a hundred-foot-tall wall of flames coming over the top of the hill there, you feel like it’s Armageddon.”

The mega-wealthy director even has his own customized red Humvee platform fire truck parked in the driveway just in case!