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Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Celebrity Disney Character Doppelgangers (Lookalikes)

Author: Robert Haffeman

There are many doppelgangers and lookalikes out there. You could be minding your own business and see your evil twin stroll right on by. Well, imagine watching a Disney movie and seeing an animated version of yourself. That’s what this is. A tribute to celebrities that look like Disney characters. So sit back and enjoy the creepy similarities.

The  Beast and Mickey Rourke

The Beast and Mickey Rourke – Even their back stories line up. Both started off good looking until some disaster struck. One was cursed by a magical beggar woman, the other cursed by terrible plastic surgeon after trying to return to boxing. It’s okay, though. Both make a comeback.

Cruella De Vil and Madonna

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations and Madonna – With that evil look of a geriatric desperately trying to hold onto what little youth they have left (or lost long, long ago) these ladies take their elderly angst out on acquiring youthful things like puppies or children from other countries.

Prince  Eric and Patrick Dempsey

The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric and Patrick Dempsey – Both are idolized by chicks. Eric gets a statue made of himself that Ariel obsesses over and Dempsey played his role on Grey’s Anatomy which catapulted himself to the hearts of every college girl in America who needed somewhere to go after Sex and the City wasn’t around anymore.

Hades and Gary Busey

Hercules’s Hades and Gary Buesy – Seriously. There might not be a better matchup. Both lurk in the shadows of Olympus or Hollywood, using their insanity to terrify everyone.

Ursula  and Queen Latifah

The Little Mermaid’s Ursula and Queen Latifah – You can view it in the light that both crave that singing voice. Ursula steals if from Ariel and keeps it in that weird shell around her neck and Queen Latifah (a.k.a. Dana Elaine Owens) began as a musician and turned to acting. But in simpler terms, both are large and in this picture, their hair is the same color. Good enough.

Richard Harris and Merlin

The Sword in the Stone’s Merlin and Richard Harris as Dumbledore in Harry Potter – Yeah, this may seem easy. But I very well could have chosen Ian McKellen or the new Dumbledore played by Michael Gambon instead of Richard Harris. But they don’t really have the same look that Harris does. Maybe it has something to do with the eyebrows.

Captain  Hook and Howard Stern

Peter Pan’s Captain Hook and legendary Howard Stern – Okay, you have to use a little imagination for this one. It’s not a perfect matchup. But it was either Howard or Weird Al and it came down to the hair. Also Captain Hook is tall (Howard’s 6′5″) and frequently complains (Howard often complains about his looks). Imagine Peter Pan being the FCC and cutting off Hook’s hand which could metaphorically be Howard getting fired from NBC. But The King of All Media didn’t peter out. Instead he came back and became a name synonymous with mischief.

Peter  Pan and Justin Bieber

Peter Pan and Justin Bieber – The boy who wouldn’t grow up. Teenage girls flock to him. Some fly. But in the end, everyone despises him because every girl loves him (Wendy, Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell, etc). It’s almost too similar. Maybe Bieber’s shadow will run away from him.

Peg and Goldie Hawn

The Lady and the Tramp’s Peg and Goldie Hawn – There’s no real similarities other than that they look alike. Not saying Goldie looks like a dog or whatever. Just the way Peg’s bangs hang over her face and the way she struts around is quite reminiscent of a 1980’s Goldie Hawn.

Rafiki and Morgan Freeman

The Lion King’s Rafiki and Morgan Freeman – Maybe it’s because they both look so wise. Maybe it’s because everyone loves them both. Maybe it’s because of the white hair and beard. Or maybe it’s because of the freckles.