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Thursday, May 20, 2010

There's Nothing Lego Lovers Can't Achieve

By: By Dorina Graham


Lego fans are some of the most passionate and imaginative fanboys. There seems to be nothing that Lego lovers can’t achieve. When they combine technology with Lego creations, the results are pure geeky genius.

Lego iPhone Docks

(image credits: unplggd,@cdharrison)

Here’s a perfect example of what a person who loves Lego and technology can create. Chris Harrison has many Lego and Apple tributes in the form of Lego iPhone docks. On the left is a Star Wars Lego iPhone dock, while the image on the right displays the new and improved green dock.

Lego iPad Stands

(image credits: unplggd.,mocdocks)

If you have an iPad, you probably need a iPad stand. These are better than most because they are constructed from Lego and you can make these DIY stands. Rob Marquardt built the top iPad stand so it will function in landscape or portrait. Jeff Eaton designed the iPad Stand MkII, so that is also supports the iPad vertically and horizontally.


(image credits: technabob)

To do your banking with Lego flair, you might like to try a credit card transaction on this functional Lego NXT ATM. Built from Lego bricks, the Lego NXT Automatic Teller Machine includes HiTechnic IRLink and a Codatex RFID Sensor. It requires a PIN number on the functional keypad and has a display screen. This Lego ATM also accepts banknotes, changes notes into coins, gives cash back from bank cards.

LEGO MultiCuber Relay 2×2x2 3×3x3 4×4x4 5×5x5 IAssemble

This Lego robot is called the MultiCuber. It can solve Rubik’s Cubes at a competitive level. MultiCuber is constructed from Lego Mindstorms components and a laptop. It can solve 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 cubes.

Tweet Controlled LEGO Mindstorms Robot

(image credits: technabob)

Social media combined with Lego, how cool is that? The Lego Mindstorms robot NIKO can receive commands to be remote-controlled. Send special command tweets to @N900Niko to put the robot through its paces. NIKO can take picture, move forward and spin around. Have to you tried social media networking with a Lego robot yet?

Industrial Robot, RV-2 SQ : DigInfo

Mitsubishi Electric came out with a new robot arm that can work with small pieces in small spaces. The RV-2SQ is 10% faster, moves on 6 axes at high speeds, and best of all, builds Lego vehicles.

LEGO Technic SuperCar: Bugatti Veyron

(image credits: mocpages)

If you have a soft spot for fast cars, then this MOC of a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grandsport may make you drool. It can be operated by remote control, including the sequential gearbox with 7+R speeds, convertible top, all wheel progressive brakes, handbrake, retractile spoiler and flap. This Lego technic supercar has a scale of 1:8.

LEGO Blackberry

(image credits: gearfuse)

King of Lego sculptures, Nathan Sawaya, created a five-foot tall Lego model of the Blackberry Tour 9360. Even better, the screen display works! He integrated a large flat screen TV into the model to simulate a Blackberry screen.

LEGO NXT Key Card Strong Safe

This Lego NXT safe, is accessed by a black and white key card. If the light sensor reads the right bars in the proper position, the safe will open. If not, the key card is rejected and access is denied. There is a NXT display screen at the back of the safe. The screen reads, checking…and if the card is correct, it then reads Access Granted before playing a little tune.

LEGO Ferrari F1

(image credits: gadgetlite)

If you are a big Lego fan, then you might dream of someday owning a Lego vehicle. If you like Ferrari then you might also love this car. This Ferrari F1 racer actually drives and is human-sized. It took 80,000 Lego bricks to build this Ferrari racer.

LEGO Computer

(image credits: brickshelf)

This custom PC mod is Big Blue. It’s a tribute to the greatest Lego sets from the past including the Yellow Castle, the Firefighter Station, and Galaxy Explorer. It also has an HDTV tuner, spectrum analyzer, and built in touchscreen.

LEGO Router

(image credits: tfvlrue)

Luke put his geeky creativity to work again and came up with a fully functioning Lego router. It has two air vents, a row of clear bricks for the LEDs to shine though, and an opening for ports in the back. It also matches the Lego computer that he built. A boring Linksys WRT54GL router turned into a Lego router, that’s geeky greatness right there.

Lego mindstorms NXT Motorcycle 2

This Lego Mindstorms motorcycle is pretty cool. It’s not a trke, it’s a bike with front-wheel drive. We can’t wait until they make a human-sized version.

Here’s a helmet…

(image credits: topspeed)

Until there is a Lego motorcycle that can be ridden, perhaps Lego lovers will settle for this Lego helmet?