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Friday, April 2, 2010

Yankees Ambidextrous Pitcher

Pat Venditte Is The Newest Yankees Sensation

Yankees Pitcher Pat Venditte Can Throw From Both Sides! WTF?!

Have you guys seen this yet?

Pat Venditte, seen above pitching for his alma mater Creighton, is now a Yankee farmhand and he is ambidextrous. Yup, dude can throw left handed, and right handed, and is quite good at it. He has a career minor league ERA of 1.53, with a .95 WHIP and it seems like we might see him in the bigs shortly.

Tuesday, Venditte saw his first spring action and allowed one earned run, walked one, and gave up two hits in 1 1/3 innings against the Braves.

“People are going to have their doubts when they hear something like this, and I’ve got to prove that I can do it,” Venditte told

I promise I will be there for his big league debut, and the last MLB player to do the damn was Greg Harris in 1995 for Montreal. I think me and my brother called him “The Butt Shower” because his ass was so big.

Below are a few videos of my man throwing, including an ESPN video when Joba “The Hut” Chamberlain has nothing but good things to say about the multi talented Venditte.

Watch from the 1:00 mark as major confusion happens when both hitter and pitcher are capable of going from both sides. Pretty amazing stuff.

E:60 Piece

I wish this kid all the best and hope to see him in the bigs ASAP. He could pitch for the Cubs right now.

Matt Anaya