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Friday, April 2, 2010

World’s Most Beautiful Old-Time Typewriters


It is almost unbelievable how technology is changing fast our habits and the way how we live. Once, the good typewriter was a true fortune, it was also attractive toy and it was almost funny and interesting as computers are today.

old typewriter 1

For those kids who learned to write with their own hands only, typewriter and the way how they beautifully printed fonts on paper sheets was a true enigma.

old typewriter 2

old typewriter 3

old typewriter 4

old typewriter 5

old typewriter 6

Sadly, typewriters are almost forgotten today and they became part of history. Just ten or twenty years ago they were inevitable equipment of every office.

old typewriter 7

old typewriter 8

old typewriter 9

old typewriter 10

old typewriter 11

old typewriter 12

Maybe, in ten years or so, we are going to write something similar like this but only for computers :) until that time, you have a chance to watch a pretty nice collection of some of the most beautiful typewriters

More pictures at Flickr.