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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

World’s weirdest hotels

We live in a strange world, not content with what’s already on offer in the hospitality world, these eccentric hoteliers have come up with quite literally some of the weirdest places to get a bed for the night. If you want to experience something a little different from your standard en-suite room with a view, or simply just want a bit of entertainment, keep reading...we have selected the world’s most bizarre:

A giant dog, Idaho, US

Calling all dog lovers… Yes folks, this oversized canine cutout really is a B&B guesthouse! The Dog Park Inn was built by a couple of chainsaw artists who evidently got a little saw-happy, complete with private 2nd storey deck and oodles of doggie memorabilia. No pets allowed mind.

Dog Hotel

Image Source

A drainpipe, Austria

These concrete drainpipes situated in the middle of a park in Ottensheim, Austria come complete with a double bed, blankets and power point for all you sleepy souls out there. And good news for those of you on a budget – there is no fixed fee to stay at the Dasparkhotel, all they ask is a donation for whatever you thought the accommodation was worth. No complaints there.

Drainpipe Hotel

Image Source

A crane, Netherlands

It may look like just any old industrial crane, but inside this particular crane in Harlingen, the cabin section boasts luxurious accommodation for two guests with designer furnishings, a plush bed and a double shower. There are even controls in the bedroom where you can actually operate the crane so it swings around. Yikes!

Crane Hotel

Image Source

A lighthouse, Netherlands

Brought to you by our fellow crane hosts (above), this lighthouse hotel, also located in Harlingen, offers guests a surprising amount of space and luxury – with panoramic views of the harbour to boot. Climb to the top and you can even dine beneath the original copper dome peak. Hmmm, more wonderful than weird this one we think.

Lighthouse Hotel

Image Source

A Lifeboat, Netherlands

Not content with their crane and lighthouse facilities, this lifeboat hotel is yet another offering from our quirky Dutch hosts. If you love the seafaring life, be sure to book yourself into the Lilla Marras – it is something of a work of art. Having been lovingly restored and adapted from its original use, the plush lower deck is now a haven for lovers of all things nautical. Welcome on board!

Lifeboat Hotel

Image Source

A Boot, New Zealand

As small as this hotel looks, this boot has a roaring fireplace, a double bed and a small cosy sofa. Sleeping only two, this is a perfect novelty getaway for a couple.

Boot Hotel

Image Source

A railway carriage, England

Why discard of a perfectly good railway carriage when you can convert it into a hotel? Well that’s what the owners of The Old Railway Station in Petworth, West Sussex thought, anyway. Seeped in railway paraphernalia, the accommodation is a little ‘old school’ to say the least, so if you like your hotels sleek and modern, you may want to go elsewhere. Enjoy your journey!

Railway Carriage Hotel

Image Source

A tree, India

For all you eco-warriors out there, The Wild Canopy Reserve in India ticks all the boxes. As well as getting a bed for the night, you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment – the treehouse is solar powered and ecologically friendly, and your hosts encourage sustainable methods. Be sure to watch out for snakes lurking in the branches though…

Tree Hotel

Image Source

A cave, USA

Get back to your indigenous roots and enjoy a night’s stay at the Beckham Creek Cave Haven in Parthenon, US. And if you thought caves couldn’t be luxurious, think again – this former bomb shelter, built into the Ozark Mountains, boasts natural rock formation walls and Jacuzzis for guests to relax in after a long day’s exploring.

Cave Hotel

Image Source

An igloo, Canada

Well, not quite an igloo, but it might as well be. The Ice Hotel in Quebec, incredibly, is created from scratch each year out of 15,000 pounds of snow and 500 pounds of ice. Guests can choose from facilities including an ice chapel and an ice art gallery. With beds carved from ice, you’d better not forget your hot water bottle! Brrrr.

Igloo Hotel

Image Source

A bullring, Mexico

Thankfully no longer in use, this converted 17th century bullring in Zacatecas, Mexico is now a luxury hotel. Retaining its original character, many of the bedrooms overlook the main plaza, where bulls would once have seen red. Go on, release the matador within you!

Bullring Hotel

Image Source

If you know of anymore weird hotels around the world, let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list!