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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 Wackiest Houses Around The World

Posted by gibbs12

With YepYep’s original HQ being in Cincinnati, someone sent us the Mushroom House and asked if we’d ever been. The answer is no, but it inspired us to explore similarly bizarre homes from around the world. Below are the 10 strangest we could find.

Mushroom House - Cincinnati, Ohio



The Mushroom House, also known as the Tree House, is a staple of the Hyde Park section of Cincinnati. It was built by University of Cincinnati professor Terry Brown with the help of his architecture students.

Boeing 727 House


Buying and renovating this Boeing 727 only set back Joanne Ussary $30K. It boasts a jacuzzi in the cockpit, remote controlled doors, and the post-apocalyptic life you’ve always dreamed.

Upside Down House - Poland



Polish businessman Daniel Czapiewski is the man behind the house that makes passersby think they’re drunk and those inside seasick.

Shoe House - Hellam, Pennsylvania & Mpumalanga Province, South Africa


American Shoe


South African Shoe

The American Shoe House was built for Pennsylvania’s self-proclaimed “Shoe Wizard” in the 1940’s to serve as the ultimate advertisement. The South African Shoe House clearly is more modern, being built in 1990 and fitting for Grandmama.

Bubble House - France



The Bubble House still isn’t finished, but it still is a tourist attraction due to its alien-esque design and beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

Fish House - Berkeley, California


Not much is known about this house, its builder, or if sea monkeys really live inside.

Hang Nga Villa - Vietnam


This house may look like it belongs in a trippy swamp in a Disney animation, but it has a cool story.

Toilet House - South Korea



The owner of the Toilet House couldn’t be more fitting - Sim Jae-duck, chairman of the World Toilet Association.

Inversion House - Houston, Texas


Instead of demolishing a couple of old studio buildings, 2 artists decided to make them into an apparent vortex funnel. This is definitely the house you walk by with your little brother and tell him a story about aliens.

Floating Barn - Ukraine