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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homeless Guy ‘Mustard’ Sings Radiohead’s Creep



Living in Los Angeles my entire life has jaded me when it comes to street musicians, failed actors/entertainers, and the countless homeless people telling me to buy them food (yes, begging died with the economy).

If there’s any homeless person who deserves a moment in the spotlight, a huge royalty check, or even just a warm place to sleep, it’s Mustard, the homeless guy who came onto Opie and Anthony’s Sirius XM radio show to blow the minds of everyone in the building with a unique and extremely soulful rendition of Radiohead’s Creep.

I discovered this video on Reddit and a user who goes by ‘fingerrockets’ shed light on the backstory:

“I listen to the O&A show daily at work so I’ll give a little back story here. When they brought this guy on they had no idea he could sing. It was just going to be a radio bit promoting their upcoming “homeless shopping spree.” During the interview it came up that he has written some songs and could play guitar. So they went and got the man a guitar (he did not own one himself) and he proceeded to shock the hell out of everyone. No one expected him to be as good as he was. He played two other songs that he wrote that are kind of in the style of Dave Matthews or John Mayer, I would imagine that stuff will be online shortly.”

For the MP3 version of Radiohead’s Creep and for Mustard’s three other tracks, click here.

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