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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughts Upon Finally Glimpsing Marge Simpson's Nipples

2mhf0hz.jpgIt’s hard to believe now that it’s become such a beloved institution, but when The Simpsons premiered twenty years ago, it was regarded as the furthest thing from a family show. Since then, the reputation of the series has become considerably less controversial (it helps, of course, that The Simpsons is now followed by notably ruder shows like Family Guy), so when it was announced that Marge Simpson would be “posing” for Playboy, I didn’t expect anything scandalous. Maybe some sideboob, or a comic silhouette.

Then, the pictures leaked, and I saw her nipples.

In today’s sex-tape-saturated culture, I guess I shouldn’t be thrown by some gauzy cartoon nipples, but I am. That’s Marge Simpson, not some Ralph Bakshi character! Whether the series was originally intended to be or not, it’s now become one of the biggest family shows on TV. Isn’t there something a little queasy-making about seeing the mom from such a show sexualized and objectified to this degree?

Ultimately, though, the thing that bugs me the most about Marge going topless for Playboy is that it feels like the sort of stunt Family Guy would do. The Simpsons is just too good for that. (Or at least it was, ten seasons ago.)

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