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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trailer for Mel Gibson's new movie, 'Edge of Darkness'

This is Mel Gibson's first big movie since 2002's "Signs," (he also appeared in 2003's "The Singing Detective," which his company produced), and your first reaction seeing this could be, "He is looking kinda old."

But then this puppy kicks in, and you're seeing the intense, dark Mel you used to love — and before you know it, you're on board. This is another entry in this age's long line of revenge movies, a trend started with "Taken," (revenge, rescue, whatever, it's still individuals meting out their own brand of justice), and this one looks like a worthy entry: well-crafted, taut, filled with emotion and action.

And how great is that line "You better decide whether you're hanging on the cross or banging in the nails." It's fresh lines like that could catch on to make this a hit, the way Liam Neeson's speech about his skill set got people talking about "Taken." (And it's a nice little allusion, intentional or not, to Mel's "The Passion of the Christ.")