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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Police force quits after lottery win

A town's entire police force has quit in Hungary after winning more than £10 million in the lottery.

Lottery balls /Rex

The 15-strong squad in Budaors scooped the jackpot with their ticket on Tuesday and all resigned on the spot.

Police chiefs have scrambled back-up units to the region until more full-time officers can be recruited.

It was the sixth biggest win in Hungarian lottery history, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a woman in Ohio sparked a riot in a clothing store after falsely claiming she'd won the lottery and would pay for everyone's purchases.

The woman arrived at the Burlington Coat Factory in Columbus by limousine and by the time police got there 500 people were inside with another 1,000 queueing.

The woman was arrested after staff discovered she had no money and the whole stunt was a hoax.

Angry customers threw merchandise around as they looted the store. Police said it looked as though a hurricane passed through it.

Linda Brown, 45, was arrested over the incident. No charges have yet been filed, pending a mental evaluation.