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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Olivia Munn is super pretty and her favorite thing to do ever is pander and give nerds boners, so of course she made a video making fun of Twilight. Nerds hate Twilight like they hate direct sunlight. I actually thought the first part (’you talk like someone from old history’ - nice) was funnier than the killing part that she’s in. But regardless, Seltzer-Friedberg are already planning to re-shoot this for their next movie, except with someone playing Amy Winehouse in it for some reason.

And yes, this was all just an elaborate excuse to post my favorite gif in the whole wide world:

It’s not even so much that you get to see Olivia Munn’s nice boobs jiggle — okay, a lot of it is, but still — it’s that she just giggles adorably about it. How come it never works that way for me? I swear, middle school chicks are so immature.

Oh, and here’s a bonus NSFW Olivia Munn gif where she maintains eye contact while showing you her nipple. Over and over for all eternity. Try not to burn a hole in your computer.

[via G4]