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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Guy Gets Amazing Disney Makeover watch!

I haven’t been the biggest Family Guy fan lately, but I really enjoyed last night’s Disney-fication of the typical Family Guy landscape and characters. Two notable things here: First: All Disney houses/castles really do look like they’re melting, as do most Disney characters’ facial features, especially if said characters are in the process of a slow and leisurely chew. And more important: Far be it for me to scoff at a rather helpful reminder that ‘It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie.’ Because today really is. You know?

Ha! Meg as Ursula! The episode wasn’t all Disney and anti-Semitic, though; plenty of other cultures got the privilege of being mocked as well (otherwise, how would we know we were watching Family Guy?). As if taking a cue from Fringe, Stewie and Brian visited all sorts of parallel universes — The Flintstones, Robot Chicken (”How does it feel to be on a major network for 30 seconds?”) and many more. Anyone else get drawn in by Family Guy? And if you caught The Cleveland Show, be sure to go over and discuss it at Ken Tucker’s Watching TV blog.