3D Movies
If you haven't heard the news, let us help you out: 3-D movies are all the rage. It's not the first time in movie history - since the release of 'Bwana Devil,' the movie widely considered the first American 3-D feature, there have been bouts of 3-D mania. Look at this weekend's box office report and you'll see two of the top three slots claimed by 3-D movies 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' and the 'Toy Story/Toy Story 2' 3-D double feature. The success of 'Toy Story' got us thinking of other flicks that might be able to bring in big bucks by jumping into the third dimension. Here's assuming what you'd see minus the glasses.

10. 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' -- Why? Four words: Three dimensional Oompa Loompas. More Picks After the Jump >>>