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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


J.J. Abrams wrote and directed Mission Impossible III, which was supposed to be a big deal at the time, but it only grossed a disappointing $134 mil domestically on a $150 mil budget (though it eventually made almost $400 mil worldwide). I always assumed that was because by the third film (after a second one directed by John Woo featuring a motorcycle joust fight - God that movie sucked), no one cared about the Mission Impossible franchise anymore. Nonetheless, word on the street is that Abrams is back as producer for a fourth movie. From TV Guide (via SpoilerTV):

“I am incredibly honored that Tom (Cruise) has invited me back as a producer on Mission Impossible 4. says Abrams. “Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing.”

That idea? Tom Cruise must travel back in time to find the source of all the lens flares. (Tom’s thinking alien spirits).