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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hangover Sequel Talk

Director also discusses Old School follow-up.

June 15, 2009 - Now that The Hangover is a bona fide hit, talk of a sequel is inevitable. And the film's director Todd Phillips (Old School) says that while a follow-up to the drunken day-after comedy has been in discussions since before the film was even finished, a sequel is now confirmed to be in the works.

"We were thinking of sequel ideas when we were shooting, which sounds cocky, but we were doing it more because it was just fun to talk about ideas while hanging out on the set," Phillips tells MTV. "Two weeks ago I was saying, 'Let's see how it works out.' Now that the movie has really connected, it's something we're doing for sure."

The director says that shooting could begin as soon as next spring, and that all of the main characters will be back.

"I wouldn't do it unless all four guys were back," he adds. "I love The Hangover so much and I think we could crush it with the sequel. I've never had more fun making a movie, ever. Not that Old School wasn't fun, but these guys were so hungry and ready to kick ass everyday. We just all gelled so well on this film."

As for an Old School sequel, Phillips says it's "unlikely" to happen because of scheduling issues for the first film's stars, though a script does exist.