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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wackiest Beds Around The World

They say that your bedroom says a lot about you as it is the place where all your belongings are kept, where you can shut yourself away from the rest of the world and be your true self…whatever that may be!
We have done some scouting and found you the wackiest beds in the business!
Fancy a bite?
Have you ever wanted to curl up inside a tasty hamburger? Well worry no more because a new burger bed has been deisgned for all you fast food lovers! It even comes with a flexible styles allowing you to change it into a veggie, soya, chicken or just a pain bun bed, whatever takes your fancy!

A load of balls!
This rather odd yet weirdly cool design works on the basis of all the soft balls being connected together by plastic connectors, allowing you to scuplt it into any shape you want.

Still Sleeper
Wouldn’t it be great if the person we lived with was a still sleeper? No endless tossing and turning and fighting for pillows! In fact if you are looking for a way to train that person into sleeping still for the forseeable future, a body mattress bed might be the way forward for you!

His and Hers
The first few years (or days) of marriage can be blissful but after a while things can become a little boring. However, what better way than to spice it up in the bedroom and have your partner living on spikes while you sleep soundly on a bed of roses. Perfect!

When heaven falls from the sky
There is nothing more idyllic then climbing into your own bed at night, yet the thought of climbing to the ceiling may get a little tiring after a while!
However this bed (luckily) falls from the ceiling to give you the perfect vision of a God sent falling from the sky every time you come to bed.
Lets just hope after a few glasses of wine you remember your bed is on the ceiling and you need to get it down before you fall onto it in a drunken heap!

Rocking Yourself To Sleep
It looks good, it is possibly great fun for about a day but I am sure the novelty would wear off after a while if you have had a long day and work and really need a silent, peaceful and STILL sleep! I rest my case!

Set Sail To Your Dreams
The absolute dream bed for little kids! Setting sail every night to dream land and awaking every morning to the Pirates, I mean parents, waking you up in time for school!
However, by the time they start hitting their late teens this bed needs to be quickly disposed of. Not really a good impression for the ladies if your still jumping into a pirate bed and throwing your anchor out every night!