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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Since The Game Doesn't Matter, It's Time To Evaluate The Pro Bowl Cheerleaders.

by Pat

The Pro Bowl rosters were released almost a month ago. There were some good calls, and some noticeable snubs. The bottom line, however, is that no one really cares about the Pro Bowl. Anyone who attends the game either already lives in Hawaii, or was vacationing there anyway, and some players will do anything they can do to avoid having to play. The ones who DO play, usually don't play that hard.

Instead of the players, though, we're going to introduce you to the Pro Bowl cheerleaders, who have finally all been chosen. These are also some of the best of the best, much like the Pro Bowl players, and they are at the top of their craft. Without further ado, here are your cheerleaders for the 2009 Pro Bowl.

Amy, Philadelphia Eagles

Marlina, San Diego Chargers

Alyssa, New England Patriots

Ashley, Houston Texans

Treivy, Miami Dolphins

Carey, Atlanta Falcons

Tiffany, Washington Redskins

Marcie, Arizona Cardinals

Alex, Denver Broncos

Ryann, New York Jets

Nicole, Dallas Cowboys

Rachel, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jessica, Buffalo Bills

Shonica, Indianapolis Colts

Catherine, Kansas City Chiefs

Heather, Cincinnati Bengals

Valerie, St Louis Rams

Lindsay, Tennessee Titans

Gena, Seattle Seahawks

Serrita, Oakland Raiders

Chrissy, New Orleans Saints

Jackie, San Francisco 49ers

Tasha, Baltimore Ravens

Tara, Carolina Panthers

Liana, Jacksonville Jaguars

Sarah, Minnesota Vikings

Special thanks to the
Professional Cheerleader Blog for the assistance in compiling many of these, and Sports Illustrated for some of the great pictures of Marlina. Also, photo credit to the many NFL team sites.