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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ronnie is Ekaterina's Guitar Hero

Jimi more presents! ... Ekaterina Ivanova with Ronnie Wood

Jimi more presents! ... Ekaterina with Ronnie

WITH a huge divorce battle coming up you’d think RONNIE WOOD would be watching the pennies.

But instead the wrinkly rocker is splashing out on expensive gifts for his young girlfriend EKATERINA IVANOVA.

The Rolling Stone has shelled out £13,000 for a vintage guitar once played by legendary axeman JIMI HENDRIX for Eka.

That’s a lot of money for an instrument she doesn’t even know how to play properly. It’s like giving WAYNE ROONEY a dictionary.

Eka is still a beginner and has been having lessons from Ron. But a source said she saw the guitar a few weeks ago and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

A pal of Eka’s said: “She fell in love with the guitar before Christmas but rather than buying it while she was with him, Ronnie wanted to wait and surprise her.

“He loves to treat her with gifts and tokens of his affection.


“He has been spending a small fortune on her which she is more than happy to take.”

As if the guitar wasn’t enough, lovesick puppy Ronnie decided to put the icing on the cake by having both his and Eka’s initials inscribed on the instrument beside a soppy message he composed.

It reads: “Sweet as a daisy, sweet as a pearl, you’ll always be my little kitten.”

The ROLLING STONES won’t be handing over songwriting duties to Ronnie any time soon if that’s the best he can come up with.

It reads like a naff Hallmark Valentine’s card message.

I doubt his estranged wife JO, who has been speaking to her lawyers about starting divorce proceedings, will be very impressed when she hears about his generosity.

She bought him a gipsy caravan for his 60th birthday and then months later he was hanging about with his new bit of stuff.

I gave Jo the Bizarre Lady award this year for keeping a smile on her face while Ronnie behaved like a spoiled teenager.

I always had him down as a bit of a lord but he’s starting to look like a daft old man.

I doubt Eka will be hanging around when Ron’s too old to light his own fags.