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Friday, January 23, 2009

Black Dynamite: Red Band Trailer

Pictures of Michael Jai White showed up on Splash this morning, which is as good a reason as any to bitch about something: how come this dude isn't a big star? He's awesome. He should at least be a Jason Statham/Jet Li level star. Luckily things seem to be picking up. He did a lot with a little in "Dark Knight", and now, as first reported on Film Drunk, his movie "Black Dynamite" has been picked up at Sundance by Sony. If you don’t know what "Black Dynamite" is (and be warned this trailer is NSFW due to language and awesome tits) it's a 70's black action movie starring Baltimore Colts All Star running back Feronte Jones, Ebony Fashion Fair model Tambullah Quatar, Little Tiny T, Junebug, Bo Willie Peeps and Caption Kangaroo. This movies got it all: karate, bitches, and oh baby, talk about action!
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