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Friday, August 29, 2008

Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald: Friars Club Roast of George Takei

OK, so I know alot of you voted for me and helped me get that sweet spot opening for Dave Attell last weekend at Showcase Live in Foxboro. And I thank you very much 'cuz it was all kinds of awesome (and if you didn't vote for me that's fine to - just pretend you did whenever we meet in person). BUT, I could use one more vote from you. I hate to ask, but hey - that's what MySpace friends are for, right Dionne Warwick? I know, I'll stop...

So, I took part in this roasting competition at The Friars Club in New York, and a couple of us comic types got the chance to perform an original roast of George "Mr. Sulu" Takei. And it was a friggin' blast.

If you get a coupla laughs (clip is very Fitzy, thus very NSFW) and don't mind logging a view and a vote then that would be dynamite. You sign up for nothing, enroll in nothing and will receive no texts, spam or junk mail at home. And that's a GFY promise! Just filthy jokes, inappropriateness galore and lotsa fun at a successful person's expense.

Cheers and cold Star Trek beers,

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PS - Have you checked out the redesigned site yet? Pretty sweet, right?