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Friday, August 29, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money Is Dirtier Sexier And Monier

Sorry about the monier. An attempt at a little joke too early in the morning.

Did you catch Dirty Sexy Money last season? If not, you missed some of the most interesting (and far fetched) and fun family scenarios shown on network television. With Lucy Liu joining the show this fall, things will only get more delicious.

The Darlings of New York City, so absurdly wealthy they put the "upper" in Upper East Side. This preeminent family's five spoiled adult brats - one of them a Presidential candidate - are always getting mixed up with the wrong people, including freeloading spouses, illegal immigrants and transvestite characters. It will take a miracle to keep this Kennedy-esque clan out of the tabloids - and out of jail. Actually, they're less fucked up than many families that I know.

Dirty Sexy Money is back this coming October 1st on ABC.

Featured in the gallery: Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Natalie Zea,
Seth Gabel, Jill Clayburgh, Glenn Fitzgerald, Lucy Liu, Zoe McLellan and Blair Underwood.

Click any photo to view all 15+ photos of the Dirty Sexy Money cast in the gallery!