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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running Back Scores Absurd Flying Touchdown [Video]


Kimlon KJ Dillon Amazing TD Dive 

Uploaded by on Oct 22, 2011

Amazing touchdown on an Apopka reverse diving 5 yds into the end zone

It’s hard to watch that video of Dillon and not admit that, for at least a split second, he is literally flying towards the end zone.
By the way, if you wondering, Dillon is a 3-Star recruit and his official position isn’t even running back. It’s safety. Regardless, he has an offer from Indiana, where they don’t have a whole lot of football history, but they do have some pretty good safeties (Mike Dumas) and running backs in their past (Anthony Thompson, Vaughn Dunbar).

Hey, a Hoosier alum can dream, can’t he?


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