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Monday, August 29, 2011

Is "Back to the Future 4" in the works?

By Melissa Jun Rowley

(CBS/What's Trending) - Hello, McFly?! "Back to the Future" franchise geeks are buzzing with intrigue over a nondescript viral video form Argentina that features the iconic DeLorean that made every adolescent of the '80s want to travel through time. Featuring Christopher Lloyd as the film trilogy's famous wacky scientist Doc Brown, the video shows the sports car speeding down a city street, and then stopping in front of a store, before Lloyd gets out of the vehicle. "Great Scott!" he declares. "What year is this? 2011?! Yes!"
It's unclear whether the video is an ad of some kind, or possibly a teaser for another "Back to the Future" installment. Movie buffs across the land are scratching their heads in wonder.

According to the video below that was shot by viewers of the event on the street, the scene was produced for a commercial. Unfortunately, this video is cut short and no details are given.

Either way, The "Back to the Future" trilogy will go down in history as a timeless (pun intended) sci-fi saga. In what year and setting would you like to see a potential fourth installment take place?