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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The New Thundercats: Watch 9 Minutes of Purrfect Leaked Footage

There's a good chance this will be pulled down by the powers that be pretty soon, so enjoy it while it lasts. More than nine minutes of footage from Cartoon Network's Thundercats reboot has made its way online, our first lengthy look at the new version of one of the best afterschool cartoons of the late 1980s. (Video via MovieWeb.)

The video doesn't appear to be the first nine minutes, but rather 604 seconds' worth of chunks from the first episode(s). But who's worried about following story right now? We just want to take a look at the revamped 'Cats (WilyKat and WilyKit look even more adorable!), critique the animation (works for me), and get a sense of the new tone (belching and awkward teen voice-cracking? Check x 2!).

The Cartoon Network version is set before the events of the original series, when the planet Thundera was still unexploded and Cheetara was hot enough to wear a two-piece, midriff-exposing hottie outfit instead of a relatively modest, already-had-three-kittens one-piece. If she'd looked like this during my teen years, I'd probably be a Furrie right now. But the recipient of the biggest change may be Snarf, who's gone from looking like someone out of the 1977 The Hobbit movie to something much more suitable for including in a Happy Meal (he appears at the end of the first promo that concludes the video).

All in all, though, the reboot it looks like a pretty sweet update that stays true to the spirit of the original.

ThunderCats premieres on Cartoon Network on July 29, 2011.