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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie Geeks Mobilize to Save the Iconic Bottle Rocket Motel


When fans of Wes Anderson’s 1996 debut feature Bottle Rocket heard that the iconic motel used in the film was in danger of going under, they sprung into action to save it. So this July 9, devotees will gather en masse in Hillsboro, Texas for the ultimate event, hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse: a special screening of Bottle Rocket, with co-star Robert Musgrave in attendance, held at the very same motel off of I-5 where aimless crooks Dignan, Anthony, and Bob hide out in the film.

Rooms at the motel (now a Days Inn suffering from poor sales and greater competition) are on sale for now, though tickets are currently sold out for the screening. It’s the rare chance to celebrate a film while staying at the very same location where it was filmed, and could become a recurring event. And if you can’t make it to Hillsboro for the big day, Mondo enlisted artist Rich Kelly to design these limited edition posters, the sales of which will partially go to support the cause.


[via Reservoir Geeks, Alamo Drafthouse]