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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Who Else Auditioned to Play Peter on 'Fringe'? (VIDEO)

Fringe, Joshua JacksonDon't you just love hearing stories about the people who were almost cast for huge movie and TV roles? You know like Dana Delany was almost Carrie Bradshaw on 'Sex and the City,' and Matthew Broderick was nearly known as 'Family Ties'' Alex P. Keaton instead of Michael J. Fox.

Well, here's one I hadn't heard: There were about 12 other big names in line to play Peter Bishop on 'Fringe,' as Fox tried to "recast Peter" with Joshua Jackson M.I.A.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at this hysterical video they showed today at Comic-Con, featuring a few former 'Lost' stars (and the 'Lost' boss), a puppet-toting Paul Scheer, someone in our favorite 'Community' (nice stache, Pudi) and, of course, J.J. Abrams regular Greg Grunberg.

Also no spoof video about Jackson would be complete without some 'Dawson's Creek' jokes.

But be sure to watch until the very end to see a super 'Fringe' teaser with a very Observer-like Jackson robotically asking for direction. Spooky!