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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cannabis May Help Treat Autism

Published by Rib

The list of maladies which may be eased or cured by ingesting THC just got longer. A few more of these and the list of proven benefits of pot may get to be as long as the list of disproved arguments against legalization.
Parents of autistic children are increasingly turning to cannabis to help their children relax, eat and interact with other people in a more positive manner. Parents of children who were previously sullen, aggressive and disconnected have seen those same children become easy going and happy in response to doses of MM.
"It was a medication with the result we'd been hoping for, for so long..."
"He was happy again, smiling, laughing. There was the boy we'd lost for so long, who we wondered if we'd ever see again."
Most doctors are cautious not to recommend MM as therapy for affected kids, but the movement to at least study the usefulness of cannabis to treat the symptoms of autism seems to have a little momentum. For right now, it's just more good news.