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Friday, May 20, 2011

Now Even You Can Be An Expert DSLR Photographer

by Dylan Schenker


So you’ve finally decided to pony up the money and make the transition from your trusty point-and-shoot to a shiny new DSLR. Sure, those point-and-shoot photos look fine on Facebook, but if you’re going to make the transition to Flickr, you’ll want something with a little bit more versatility. Of course, DSLRs have automatic settings too, but hey, you spent all this money on a fancy camera, might as well learn to use the damn thing. But here’s the kicker, now you’ve got to contend with figuring out how to set the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focus exactly right to get the optimal picture. It can be confusing enough to make the most confident snapper cower away to the automatic settings (not that we’ve ever been there or anything…).

A new website called CameraSim, however, seeks to quell those concerns with a simulated guide to shooting photos with a DSLR. The simple interface offers a viewfinder that mimics that of a typical camera, with the portrait of a young girl in a park holding a spinning pinwheel. The portrait includes a lot of bright colors that would be perfect for a vibrant photograph. The simple settings let the user play around with the lighting, distance, focal length and of course the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. By divesting the settings from the case of the camera, it lets users more comfortably toy with them while getting a larger representation of what the photo would look like after it’s been snapped. It defaults to shutter priority and also allows for aperture priority and manual, letting novices ween themselves from the automatic settings one frame at a time.

The website also includes a guide to each of the important settings and clearly defines them, making it accessible for photographers of any level.