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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Must Start Watching The Celebrity Apprentice

If you are not watching The Celebrity Apprentice yet, well, what are you thinking? Do you like things that are great? You do. I figured as much. Well, then start watching this thing. For everyone else who is already on board - welcome. Let’s talk about it.

The task this week is actually kind of clever - the teams are sent to write and illustrate a children’s book based on a member of the team. The team then has to then perform the book for a packed house of 4 and 5 year olds. This is what Gary Busey looked like during the performance.


The men’s story was, obviously, about Lil’ John and something about him making friends. I think. Sounds right. The women had a hard time. They elected Lisa Rinna project manager even though she completely didn’t want to do it. The women decided the story would be about Latoya Jackson being a lion who couldn't roar. Latoya Jackson who, apparently is NOT an alien. Really?


Marlee Matlin wanted to add a deaf element which Dionne Warwick would have nothing to do with so she started on a hate-filled rant against deaf people. This was how mad Marlee Matlin was.


The fight prompted some woman named Nene Leakes, who is on Celebrity Apprentice for some reason, to say what was almost the line of the night. Regarding Dionne - "It's hard to have an argument with someone who is 70 years old. It just don't look right." AAAAAAAAAAH!

I say "almost the line of the night" because it would be eclipsed later on by Donald Trump in the boardroom who says apropos of nothing "You know, I like Lisa's lips much better now than I did a year ago." This of course regarding Lisa Rinna and her now less enhanced lips.

Another amazing moment came when Gary Busey stepped off a time machine and appeared as Gary Busey from 25 years ago.


What? That's Donald Trump's son? I had no idea. I thought it was Gary Busey from 25 years ago. My bad.
Anyway, the guys won. They were great. Everyone referred to Meat Loaf as "Meat" which is always hilarious. Donald Trump said things like "I think you made a great choice" and "You're Fired!"Lisa Rinna was sent home which was sad because Star Jones and Dionne Warwick were absolutely HORRIBLE people. Just really mean spirited and catty. Star Jones may be evil.

Oh yeah and Gary Busey picked his nose while some guy watched.


Watch This Show!

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