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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kinect 'Evil Genius Simulator' Hack is the Most Dangerous To Date

If there’s one thing the Kinect is good for, it’s facilitating interesting and downright clever hacks. Obviously. If you thought I was going to say ‘gaming’, you’re not a gamer.
In any case, check this out. London Hackspace has developed what they’ve dubbed the Evil Genius Simulator – a device which uses a Kinect to monitor the motions of the aspiring genius’ hands. The higher they’re raised (ideally accompanied by maniacal laughter) the more lightning that jumps between two Tesla coils set up behind it all. This is nothing if not a lesson in basdassery.
I dunno how comfortable I’d feel turning my back to two operating Tesla coils, but the dramatic effect is anything but un-awesome. Imagine this thing weaponized. Exo-skeleton-clad supersoldiers of the future shooting lightning from their hands.
All thanks to Microsoft.


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