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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You'll Need to Trenta-Stomach: What Else Starbucks' New Cup Can Hold


The Starbucks new Trenta coffee cup, which can hold 31-ounces of iced coffee, can carry an entire bottle of wine. There's video evidence to that fact, thanks to the good ol' Internet. This news came after the calculation that the new plus-sized cup is about as large as the average human stomach.

This led City of Ate to wonder, what the hell else can you fit in Starbucks Trenta? Bacon? A high-heel shoe? Lots of Lil' Smokies? Yes, maybe, and sure you can! Thus, we present a list: 12 things you can fit comfortably inside the new Trenta cup at Starbucks. By the way, Starbucks, Trenta kinda sounds like a planet in the Star Wars universe.

1. 2 Packages of Bacon, or 28 Slices
Perfect transport system for your camping trip in the wild.


2. 1 1/2 Packages of Lil' Smokies, or 75 Lil' Smokies
Need a new appetizer? Just fill a Trenta with Lil' Smokies and place under a warm lamp!

The Trenta can support roughly 75 Lil' Smokies.

3. 2 1/2 Beers
Think of all the drunk movie theater moments you've missed out on without the Trenta.


4. Double Car Bomb: Two bottles of Guinness, two shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey and two shots of Baileys Irish Cream
The Trenta's party potential is explosive, in more ways than one.


5. 1.32 Four Lokos
OK, maybe this isn't that impressive. One Four Loko, though, is one too many.


6. 1/2 a 12 oz. Bag of Doritos
Eating a Trenta cup full of Doritos also increases your risk of orange Doritos fingers.

Just tip head, and pour into mouth!

7. A pair of adult ballet slippers and a pair of tights...or a pair of gym shorts
 No need for a gym bag when you've got your Trenta. Keeps your sweat towel from funking up the car on the ride home as well.


8. An entire bag of cotton balls (or cotton swabs)
Open up that straw hole and you got yourself a recycled bathroom dispenser.


9. 45 ballpoint pens
You'll never be without a writing utensil when a potential date seems impressed by your straw sucking ability.


10. Two pints of Ben & Jerry's
A pre-emptive strike: Pack that shit in so you don't have to weep in self-loathing when you open the second container.


11. A fifth (and 1/5) of whiskey
"No, friendly arena employee, this is just iced tea. I swear. GO FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM!"

Careful, after a fifth and 1/5th. You might do this.

12. 31 ounces of your own urine
Who needs to pull over when you can feel confident the Trenta will contain twice the volume of an average human bladder filled to capacity?

Relax, it's just Mountain Dew.