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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]

 Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]
Lightning Strikes Iceberg Sony PSP Wallpaper
 Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]
Perito Moreno Glacier with a backdrop of black mountains.
Perito Moreno is the most beautiful, interesting and, consequently, the most visited glacier in Argentina. Another gorgeous place where icebergs are "born." Ana_Cotta

River runs under the ice
The photographer notes, "This river came out from under the glacier. The compact blue ice in the background was lit up by the pure sunlight." Matthew Hoelscher
 Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]
Briksdalsbreen Glacier where icebergs break off
Briksdalsbreen, in Norway, is part of west arm of Jostedalsbreen National Park -- Jostedalsbreen is Europe's largest land glacier. Vicrogo
 Incredible Icebergs [37 Pics]
Antartica where penguins play Angell Williams — Icebergs are large pieces of ice that broke off from a snow-formed glacier or an iceshelf. Where a glacier meets the sea, humongous chunks of ice break off from the face of the glacier; this is known as calving. 

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