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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mario Kart In Real Life Is Less Cute, More Brutal

Posted by James Hawkins

KartReal (250 x 188).jpg
Mario Kart is an oft-lampooned franchise nowadays. Expertly, I might add. But never has anyone broken down the game to its core and looked at how fun it would be if it only included the bare essentials: racing and power-ups. Well, not until Freddie W and his team did in the video you are about to see here.

With some excellent editing, special effects, and design, we get to see the real, gritty side of the typically friendly racer. It is a place where red shells will literally blow you away, and a creepy Asian dude lifts you from the abyss. Oh, and there aren't any hot princesses, which is a bummer. But there aren't any annoying toadstools there, either. So it isn't all bad.

I would love if my local Family Fun Center had a power-up kart course that I could enjoy. But alas, it doesn't. So I'll continue to do what I always do at Family Fun Centers: drink beer, beat up kids, and give dorks wedgies.

I do wish we got to see: A. bananas, B. blue spiked shell, and C. the lighting power-up. But for a video that clocks in at a minute-thirty, I suppose we can't bee too choosy.