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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scoop This: 'Superman', 'The Hobbit', 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel

By: Erik Davis

'Superman: Man of Steel' Story Revealed?
In the day or so since it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing Superman: Man of Steel, new reports have surfaced claiming to know a little of the story surrounding this latest incarnation. Vulture reports that the original script featured Clark Kent as he traveled the world as a journalist, trying to figure out whether he still wants to be Superman. This would be in line with the modern spin Christopher Nolan (who's producing) has talked up in the past; one that would allow the film to possibly tie in current events from around the world and make the story more relatable.
In the same story, however, they claimed the script was a bit messy, and so hopefully that will be worked on now that Snyder is onboard; fine-tuned to the point where it sings to all the fanboys out there hoping and praying for Warner Bros. to give them a kickass Superman movie.
Peter Jackson Close to Directing 'The Hobbit'
People keep going back and forth on this, but according to The Wrap, Peter Jackson is close to finalizing his deal to direct The Hobbit, which in all likelihood will be shot in 3D. Production on the two films is supposed to begin in January at a price tag of upwards of $500 million. Guillermo Del Toro left the project after MGM's money woes delayed it for months, and now it would appear as if Jackson will need to direct this sucker himself if he ever wants to see it hit screens. Look for an official announcement soon. Meanwhile, LOtR fans should start getting excited.
Sam Raimi Will Direct 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel
It's been awhile since we heard anything regarding Oz: The Great and Powerful, but now, according to Deadline, the deal is done and Sam Raimi will officially make this his next project. The film will most likely star Robert Downey Jr. (he's still negotiating ) as the man who would eventually become the Wizard of Oz, following his story from the time he was a circus wrangler on earth to his crazy fantastical journey via a tornado to Oz. Disney will make this their next big film following the very lucrative 'Alice in Wonderland', so look for Oz to become Raimi's first 3D film as well. Do you think Sam Raimi is the right director for this project?