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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The New Way to Find the Best Airfare Deals

By: Aleksandra Todorova

If you’re like most bargain airfare seekers, chances are your flight shopping goes something like this:
1. Go to or Or,, or Or all of the above.
2. Search for the lowest fares for your desired travel dates and destination.
3. Repeat.

Please. That is so 2001. Allow us to fly you into 2010 and beyond, with some new tricks for scoring airfare deals.

These days, websites alert you when particularly great deals become available out of your local airport to your desired destinations — not to mention the ones that actually predict what airfares will look like in the near future so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly. There are even services that enable you to get some cash back if prices fall after you’ve purchased your tickets.

In the video above, editor at large Jason Cochran walks you through the details, with specific advice on which websites to visit in order to get the best travel deals.

Instead of starting off your search at the sites we mentioned above, for example, Cochran’s advice is to sign up for the free email alerts from and all airlines that fly out of your home airport: this way you’ll know when tickets go on sale and can even create your vacation’s itinerary around the most affordable airfare routes.

Next, swing by Bing Travel and those websites try to predict airfares based on historical data.

Finally, these days your search for deals doesn’t end with the ticket purchase. If the price of your flight falls any time after that, you can get some of your money back thanks to new websites that alert you to those changes.

For more details, watch the video above, or on