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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Van Damme Friday: Happy 50th Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday!

This week on October 18 our legend Jean-Claude van Damme turned 50 years old!
Happy Birthday Jean-Claude! You're still looking great. Great movies. Great person. Keep up the good work and we wish that many happy years with lots of kicks and punches will follow.

Have a nice day!





50 Years Van Damme: His first martial arts movie.

Bloodsport was the breakthrough movie for the career of Jean-Claude van Damme. But in fact his career started with his first martial arts movie: Karate Tiger, aka No Retreat No Surrender.

Van Damme did look sooo great in this movie. Enjoy this short video with a selection of awesome kicks and punches. In this movie Van Damme is the best!, so that's also the name of this video.


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