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Friday, October 22, 2010

Clowns Set National Record For Laughing And Haunt Little Kids Dreams Forever


Fox – About 700 clowns attended the Fifteenth International Clown Convention in Mexico City on Wednesday, where attendees set a new record. After laughing for 15 minutes, the clowns could not break the “laughing world record” but were able to break the national record in Mexico. Clowns from the United States, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and other countries attended three days of meetings, which began on 18 October, participating in conferences, exhibitions and make up competitions.

Who fucking planned this clown convention? I mean Mexico City? Really? What was the Gaza Strip all booked up? Seriously no wonder they couldn’t break the fucking Clown Laughing World Record. It’s tough to keep laughing when you’re shit is getting kidnapped and people are making you into drug mules. And let’s not exactly go sucking each other’s dicks about breaking the Mexico laughing record either. Like what was the previous record? 2 seconds? Nobody laughs in Mexico. Everybody is too busy getting raped and pillaged.