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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ten Weird Instruments that Changed Music

Check out the top 10 weirdest instruments in action.

Forget your '80s era synthesizer. If you're looking for a unique sound, the kind that make David Bowie look like a novice, search no more! Some of the strangest, most distinct sounds in music come from these 10 weirdos, all for your listening enjoyment.

#1 - The Theremin

You don’t even have to TOUCH this one to play it. Just plug in this seminal electronic instrument, and move your hands around nearby. Invented by Leon Theremin in 1920, it’s like an early, musical motion detector. Its sound is whiny, but very “futuristic.” Eerie, too, when played well. The movie soundtrack to the new The Day the Earth Stood Still and Sting’s song “Moon Over Bourbon Street” use the theremin effectively.

Check out the “Legend of Zelda” theme song played on a theremin below!

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