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Friday, September 17, 2010

Deep-Fried Beer Invented in Texas

Written by Das Fork


Perhaps one of the largest breakthroughs in drunken feasting has arrived. Deep fried beer, invented by a man in Texas named Mark Zable.

Deep fried beer

Deep fried beer, shaped like ravioli

What could taste better than beer inside of a pretzel-y dough ravioli pouch, and fried uber deeply for 20 seconds? The alcohol doesn’t burn, it just remains inside of the pouch for consumption. Mark’s cooking method apparently took him 3 years to develop, and he’s now got a patent pending on his incredibly awesome food invention.

Fried Beer

This deep-fried beer snack will be debuted in a Texas state fair’s fried food competition late September. You need to be 21 (the legal drinking age in the states), and then you’ll be able to fork over $5USD for 5 of these beer snacks.

The main source of beer has been Guinness, because of it’s durability.

“Nobody has been able to fry a liquid before. It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer.” – Mark Zable.

Mark has been a very clever food inventor in the past, and hopes that this will grant him some money to dedicate to his passion of inventing new foods.