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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

‘Arrested Development’ movie script half done

by James Hibberd

"Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz said the much-discussed, long delayed, oft-speculated, will-probably-happen-but-might-not movie is still on track.

In fact, the script is half done.

hurwitz tca"Were writing it; we're halfway through," Hurwitz said at the TCA press tour. "The reason I've been so cagey is fans have been so [eager about it]. I really want to do it. Jason Bateman gave an interesting quote recently saying 'when we get it, we'll read it and decide if we want to do it [Hurwitz gives 'What? Really?' look]."

"It's not going to be a big money maker," Hurwitz added. "It's going to be fun, like a family reunion. The only stumbling block could be scheduling. Everybody wants to play together."

What about a logline? A title?

"That would give too much away."

Hurwitz was on hand to discuss his new Fox comedy "Running Wilde." The pilot is being largely reshot with Hurwitz saying that notes from Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly are helping to ground the series.

"It's sometimes easier to write unlikable characters because they do funnier things," Hurwitz said. "Kevin Reilly is pushing us out of our comfort zone ... we went through nine and ten drafts and every time Kevin would give us a very specific idea and we would gnash our teeth and curse and every time it would get a little better."

The comedy is also bringing on board David Cross who, in addition to star Will Arnett, is sure to fuel comparisons between "Wilde" and "Arrested."

"We're going to get the comparisons -- good and bad -- to 'Arrested Development,'" Arnett said. "Bad mainly, but fuck it."