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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'Back to the Future' Inspired Shoes Really Tie Themselves

Self Tying Sneakers

'Back to the Future,' like America, just had a birthday (although it only turned 25), and our feeds are blowing up with McFly-related memorabilia. Back in 2008, Nike released a pair of special edition 'Back to the Future II' inspired high-tops, but, as badass as the Marty McFly 2015 Nike Hyperdunks were, they lacked one important feature: the ability to tie themselves. Just in time for the cult movie's anniversary, ingenious do-it-yourselfer Blake Bevin strapped micro-controllers and motors to a pair of brightly hued Jordans in order to bring the futuristic footwear to life.

The design is simple, if a bit cumbersome in its execution. A pressure-sensitive plate in the heel of the shoe is connected to the impressively versatile Arduino micro-controller. When the Arduino detects that you've stepped into the sneaker, it activates a pair of servos that pull the laces tight. When it's time to slip out of the Hyperdunks, a touch-sensitive switch, mounted on the back of the shoe, reverses the servos.

Bevin's design is a little too bulky to be practical, but here's hoping some sneaker shop picks it up, and gives her invention the miniaturization treatment it deserves. To see it in action, check out the the video after the break. [From: Instructables, via: DVice]