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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Goat Bagpipes with huge horns & goat head pajdusko oro HD! gaida gajda гајда гайд

2 Macedonian goat-head gaidi made by Risto Todoroski,, in Sydney.

1. Song on a billy goat(!) gaida, hardwood sleeved in water-buffalo horn. 2. Paidushko oro (folk dance).

Dedo Risto playing a mad high-pitch gaida with drums:

Risto also makes tapans - Balkan drums - from goatskin, and wooden kavals or flutes for sale.

(A note on animal cruelty. The goats are humanely slaughtered for meat by their owners in familiar surroundings, lured with a bucket of treats. No live transportation. No abattoirs!)